Thursday, 26 May 2005

My Spring

It's that time of the year that I mentally prepare for from the first hard frost of Autumn when everything melts into a mushy pile of rotting plant matter. May 25th ish. Planting time. The fragrant smell of lilacs and fresh loamy soil. The neighbours sticking their heads outside of their houses for longer than it takes to run from a heated car to the house. The sound of gentle rain tapping on the roof tops, followed by a warming sun drying out the puddles. Planting a wide array of rainbow coloured flowers of varying types and blooming seasons. Eagerly awaiting the time when their beauty can adorn my kitchen table. Vegetables planted in anticipation of fresh flavours bursting in our mouths at harvest time. Yes, this is my usual Spring.

This year things just haven't had the same appeal. Is it me or are there others out there feeling the same way? I look at the soil and think, it stinks. Mud, mud and more mud everywhere. But HEY! at least the grass is green! Doggie doo's litter my lawn and don't seem to be picking themselves up. A crowded market place makes parking difficult. (Ya right! you expect me to take public transit with a load of plants?!) Bug's crawling up my arms and legs as I find few places to sit that don't contain an ant hill. (That also includes inside of my house? Only here the ants are just shopping for dinner.) Smooshed worms littering my driveway after the continual downpours of this Spring. Sun? What's that? Rainbow of coloured flowers? My daughter picked the first totally black viola's I have seen in my entire life? Hmmm....where were these gems hiding previous years? I can't see my vegetable garden soil through the weeds. They came up faster than dinner on a rollercoster! (ooooh! that's a pleasant image.) My tacky lawn ornaments and furniture have yet to be dragged out so it can be used for all of 2 months at best, if it stops raining long enough to sit outside. That's worth the effort!

Do I want winter back?....HECK NO!
Do I want more rain?......What do you think?

Bring on the sun! It's time for some pleasant Spring rituals again.

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Krista said...

rain....what rain?