Tuesday, 10 May 2005

So you think you're a chocoholic?

I am aware that being a chocolate lover is nothing new. The question I ask is how much chocolate do you have to eat to consider yourself a chocoholic? I know for a fact that I eat enough. How about you?

Signs you know that you are a serious chocoholic:

*Your faceprints, fingerprints and drool are smeared all over the Laura Secord's display case at the mall.

*People are starting to complain about the smell of chocolate perpetually on your breath despite the time of the day.

*You sleep walk to the chocolate jar sometime during the night. You know this because you awaken to melted chocolate on your hands and face and a scattering of chocolate chips on the sheets and floor beside the bed. (And you're fairly sure your significant other hasn't brought it to you in their sleep.)

*You have a chocolate jar. It's a big one. A really, really, large, takes up lots of cupboard space, kinda big one.

*Your chocolate chip cookies are made with more chocolate than cookie. And you like it that way!

*You know the phone number off by heart of the nearest chocolate factory that gives tours.

*You get the shakes if you haven't had your chocolate fix before 11am. And you know that no other type of caffeine will do!

*When people mention your name, they associate you with chocolate.....every time.

*You get offended if someone offers you something vanilla instead. (They should know you better than that!)

*You send your kids out at Halloween in hopes that they will get loads of chocolate. You then sneak it out of their bag when they are at school and hope they don't notice that it's missing. (hehehe!)

*While most human bodies are made from mostly water, yours has converted to mostly chocolate. Inevitable.

*If you stopped eating chocolate the industry would notice. People would loose their jobs, Cocoa growers would be in dire straits....(ok, now I'm getting a little silly. But you get the picture.)


Krista said...

Or ....your MSN Name is PERPETUAL CHOCOHOLIC, to even think that one up .....

Perpetual Chocoholic said...

You're such a witt! Thank you for the comment. I feel so important now!

Bert said...

YUMMM Chocolate! i love chocolate but i will add that im not a chocoholic hahaha

Phoenix said...


Phantom of the Blog said...

haha nice list clever

Ciao Ciao Bella said...

There's therapy available, I'm sure!

Anonymous said...

Who wants therapy when chocolate IS therapy in itself!?!

Perpetual Chocoholic said...

Thank you anonymous! You are very right.

Sandy said...

haha, finally found out why you called your "name" is perpetual chocolate and found out you are a good writer and fairly young to, 40ish...

I had a little time this morning and thought I would start at the beginning to see some of your art.

ahh I remember fondly my 40's. I thought I was old, ha.