Thursday, 12 May 2005

Switcharoo trick


Be on the lookout for the individual or individuals who are responsible for the following crimes:

Switch-a-roo and the great sock caper
I awoke this morning to find that somebody had switched my sweet lovely children with horrible chocolate stealing, tantrum throwing, talking back evil ones who's sole purpose in life is to plot my downward spiral into insanity.
I know they are sneaking chocolate because the evidence is on their faces. I know they are throwing tantrums, because I am watching them. I know they are talking back because I am on the receiving end. I know they are trying to drive me insane, because that is what is happening. Their plan is working.
I also believe the same indiviual or individuals is guilty of sneaking socks out of the clothes basket when coming to switch my children with the afore mentioned ones. If you are reading this and you are the perpetrator of this horrific crime, please have the decency to at least come back and take the second sock of every pair. I am now up to 13 socks without a mate. (yes, I actually counted them.) I can't bare to do the laundry any more. I am afraid of what I might find. What's next....putting holes in all the underwear! Or how about for a jolly good, no, I won't give you any further ideas.

Description of suspect(s):
*Will be driving a mini-van or other appropriate vehicle equiped with a large number of car and booster seats. Possibly with a dvd player or other form of entertainment if they are going any great distance. Ample number of cup holders for juice boxes and sippy cups.
*Likes to get interrogated while driving.
*Loves to listen to great musical hits like "the wheels on the bus" and "Old MacDonald." over and over and over again while driving. Does not find Bob the tomato or Larry the cucumber's voice annoying.
*Is one-legged.
*Has some fashion sense. Doesn't want to wear two socks from the same pair for fear someone might think they are wearing the same thing twice in a row.
*A great master-mind capable of scheming to come up with multiple diabolical plots to be carried out simultaneously.
*loves sweet, smart, creative, loving, caring, helpful, perfect children.
*Is a sick individual in need of some serious help.

I implore you to be on the lookout for the perpetrator(s) of these crimes. I am hoping that this crime can be solved before it is too late! I am running out of socks.

Thank you

Perpetual Chocoholic

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

10? only 10. Wow. My heorine.

I think we could get together and mate socks.

I have an ongoing BAG o'socks.

I've gone so far as to try to convince the children it's _fun_ to try and find matches (like the Memory Game) ... no luck.