Wednesday, 6 July 2005

Ode to Baby Powder

Powder white, powder bright
Powder in my nose tonight
Powder here, powder there
Powder floating everywhere!

In the carpet
On the walls
In three rooms
In the halls

Water puddled on the floor
Powder thrown on top
Powder cakes mixed everywhere
When will the madness stop!

Corn starch powder makes great storms
Make believe they are
To a pair of little ones
A whole bottle goes quite far!

Wild puffs of powder spread throughout
A frosty look appears
Covering hair, face and clothes
Collecting in their ears.

Little tiny footprints
Tracking through that "snow"
What ever started this activity
We may never know

Hush now sweetie, it's ok
No need for all those tears
All you need remember is
They'll soon grow up in years

Then you can tell them when they come
With stories of their children
What rotten little kids they were!
And you won't let it soon be forgotten

All kidding put aside
It will soon be something cute
To remember long from now
It certainly was a hoot!

Cough, Cough
The very end.

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