Monday, 26 September 2005

Chocolate Fix

Well, I've finally had my chocolate fix. I lasted through seven days, chocolate free, which was my goal. I wanted to try to avoid chocolate during the week and just indulge in a bit on the weekends, but looking at the pictures from last week that I took, maybe that's not such a good idea. Maybe a small daily dose would be more prudent.

I can't believe I actually dressed up somebody's lawn gnomes like that. What was I thinking! I should have chosen the white crown to go with that colour gnome!


Mr. Incredulous said...

My wife even puts chocolate sauce in her coffee. Apparently, a daily chocolate fix is a vital part of the day! Maybe you're a reverse chocoholic. The less that's in your bloodstream, the more "drunk" you get...

Adventurer said...

I was thinking about your tag line under the title ... about the dark and nasty busiess of being a chocoholic. I was thinking that you should embrace the dark side.

As Darth Vader suggested: "Come to the dark side!"