Tuesday, 25 October 2005

I Knew You Were Coming So I Baked a Cake

Last Thursday evening, I had my regular scheduled outting with a very dear friend, Mongo. Mongo met me at my piano class with a most unexpected suprise.....CAKE! I love cake. Actually, I love chocolate cake and anything related to it.

We enjoyed an evening of good company (hers, not mine....that is to say that she's the good company, not me.) and the obligatory Starbucks coffee (my mouth is watering as I type this out, and I find myself wishing that it was Thursday night!) I appreciated the gift of cake, but was enjoying myself and was giving very little thought to it while we went about our evening. At the end of our evening I dropped her at home and started on my way. I found myself with a dilemna. One mouth watering chocolate Kahlua cake sitting beside me on the passanger seat and me with no fork! The call of the cake was too much for me to bare. I broke a small sticky morsel off and popped it in my mouth.

Now let me tell you something about myself. I don't drink. Never, never, never, never. I don't eat food with alcohol in it. I had never before tasted Kahlua. I never wanted to taste it before. I made a mistake. A very big mistake. Not only did I taste this nectar of the Gods, but I was eating it mixed with chocolate!

Half way home and half a cake later, I started wondering what would happen if I got pulled over by the police on the way home. I must have smelled like alcohol. I know I smelled of chocolate. (when don't I!?) I didn't know if showing the officer a half empty cake plate would be enough evidence to get me off of the hook!

"honestly officer, I only had one. One half a cake actually....."

I could just imagine the call to my husband:

"yes, Mr. Perpetual Chocoholic. We have arrested your wife for eating and driving under the influence."

I knew I was just being silly....right. It's not like I was actually drinking.

Well wasn't I just about ready to wet myself when a police vehicle pulled up behind, lights flashing signalling for me to pull aside. Cautiously I pull over to the side of the road. In that split second my mind has already raced through a dozen of possible scenarios and their possible outcomes. When will I learn that one shouldn't mess with chocolate in it's most perfect form.....plain and alone! What was I thinking by eating half a cake while driving?! Why didn't I wait until I got home? I was shaking like a leaf, chocolate on my fingers, Kahlua on my breath....

He passed my car..... He kept driving to the car ahead! YES! He's pulling that guy over! Sucker!

Well....I've learned my lesson. Never eat Kahlua cake and drive. Never eat any cake and drive is probably the best policy. I made it home in one piece, ticket free, with half of a chocolate Kahlua cake, wet pee pants and a smile. Another enjoyable evening with Mongo! Does life get any better than that?!


Patti said...

Just stopping by to say Hi! And now I'm going to be thinking about that ^&*% cake!! ;) (I think a nice cheap merlot would go good with that)

Perpetual Chocoholic said...

You and me both! Maybe I can pry the recipe from Mongo so .... "when I know you're a comin' I can post the cake." (Sorry, I couldn't help that corny joke, it just slipped out.)