Wednesday, 28 December 2005

I Love Americans

To all of the Canadian Politicians (Liberal Party) who keep insulting Americans on behalf of the Canadian peoples, I want to say, you are the brainless, useless, bullying pieces of doggie doo, not the Americans!


So stop speaking on my behalf. Anyone that votes for this criminal party deserves to get billions more taken from them! It's just too bad that the rest of us have to pay out of our pocket to pad theirs. Wake up people! Don't be so stupid!!


Mr. Incredulous said...

Sadly, there are so many bad Canadian jokes out there... Nothing like people uniting and overlooking their differences!

Deb said...

I've always thought of Canada as our friends and neighbors.

By the way, we love ya too :)!bnp

anonymous said...

How can you not love Canada? they gave us hockey! =P

But thanks for sticking up for us "down south" I have to admit it is getting a little old listening to the rhetoric coming out of your government lately. =(

Our border - and lack of armament of it - is something we should all be proud of and work to cherish. I don't expect your government to rubber stamp everything we say and do, but it would be nice if we could just all get along in spite of the differences we have!

Thanks Perp!
C -

Patti said...

and I love you Canadians, too!

RT said...

Thanks for your kind comments about the USA. I don't get it when we put each other down, afterall we're cousins...we can agree to disagree, but if someone else says something bad about either one of us, we should stick up for each other. Like the way so many of you took care of our plane-loads of people after 9/11. Thank you. That was spectacular.

Sariah said...

I'm American and love Canadians!! (heck, I married one). Thanks for writing this. So often all I hear is how much better Canada is, and why Americans are stupid, lazy, fat, and shooting each other with their guns. It's nice to hear that not all Canadians think of us this way.

Why can't we all just get along????? Oh yeah. cuz we're human and it's not in our nature. Oh well.