Saturday, 31 December 2005

I've heard people say that if an alien race were to look down on people and their animals, who would they think were truely in charge? The dog on the end of the leash leading the person? Or the person walking behind after him picking up his....droppings?

Well I say, how would you feel being the one on the end of the leash naked, having to defecate out in public for all to see? I'm talking about when you're sober people! Athough I've known a person or two trying to write their names in the snow with urine....both male and female....trying to impress. Why this is a talent people think they can be proud of, I'll never understand.

This leads me to tonight....New Years Eve. Enjoy your New Years Eve and remember that if you drink, don't drive or do anything else stupid because us non-drinkers will be out walking our dogs (digital camera in hand perhaps!) and tonights stupidity may be tomorrows blog entry.

Actually, never mind my advise (except the don't drink and drive.) Go out and enjoy the night in all it's splendor, but remember, a picture is worth a thousand words!


Mr. Incredulous said...

If you do find some rampant stupidity tonight...
DO TELL! I need some blog fodder!!!

fourth_fret said...

reminds self to look for chocolate running around with a camera... :D

happy new year!

Patti said...

Happy New Year!

Didya get any good pictures?