Thursday, 8 December 2005

Onto the Next Attempt

I've failed once again
It's not easy you see
Giving up chocolate
In my family

It's a staple you know
Added to many a dish
How do I stop it?
With a prayer or a wish?

I'll try once again
To take it all out
None in the house
The kids will all pout

My husbands' bad too
He hangs out at the jar
Of chocolate chip morcels
They sure don't go far!

Christmas is coming
And nothing I make
Can have any chocolate
In treats that I bake

YUCK! I hate that
Sweets that are too bland
With no chocolate inside
Outside or on hand

Merry Christmas to all
Happy Hanukka too
When your eating your chocolate
Think of me sitting here....Blue.

The very end

P.S. Oh ya. I didn't beat the bus yesterday. But I did eat chocolate.


Deb said...

I love the poem. I have to say that you fare better then I do. I can't go for one day without my covented cup of coffee.

Adventurer said...

You know, this design would make a fantastic Valentines Day card ...