Thursday, 29 December 2005

Well folks, it's almost that time of the year when you need to pluck the kitties from the Christmas tree and put out the "temporary canine coniferous urination device." Both live and imitation. I often wonder what goes through an animals' mind when they experience their first Christmas with a family? If they are a dog they must be feeling sheer joy at the first sight of the "gift" of an indoor tree to pee on. Cats on the other hand must just think that it's about time that someone finally clued in and managed to get a proper toy for their amusement.

Our dog gets his presents put under the tree with the family's, as many other dogs do. Let me tell you, if we tried it any other way we'd have one insulted dog! The nice thing about dogs is that price and quantity doesn't seem to matter. Any old thing will do. In fact, the stinkier the better. Makes me think that maybe we should have just gotten more puppies rather than have kids.....nah, I guess not. Some day I'm hoping the kids will be able to help out with the dishes and such. Something that I've never seen my dog do in his almost 13 years.

On to the New Year!


Deb said...

LOL. Sometimes I think a puppy would be easier too.

You know my history with Christmas trees. LOL. A few years ago my cat climbed mine, then later started sharpening her claws on the gifts underneath! Kitty spent Christmas outside.

Happy New Year!

Kurt said...

The dog can totally help with dishes. He can do essential pre-wash licking, which reduces the quantity of greases and foodstuffs entering the final wash.