Wednesday, 18 January 2006

I want to thank my husband for supporting this new past time I have of drawing cartoons. I couldn't do it without him. Being a stay at home Mom, I am of no use whatsoever to society according to the Liberal government. (I know, I'm starting to sound like a broken record.)

I get to be a slacker and my husband pays for me to sit in Starbucks at 10pm at night so I can draw comics. BUT...actually maybe I shouldn't be thanking him so much as thanking the Liberals since, according to Belinda Stronach, MP for Newmarket Aurora, we should be "greatful to the Liberals for our prosperity." You're right Belinda. I'm sure that it is solely the generosity of the Liberals and not the hard working tax paying public (my husband included) that affords us the lifestyle that we are fortunate enough to enjoy.

Anyhow thank you to all who contribute to my little crazy little plan to stay home and raise my own children, the useless and lazy slacker that I am. I'd say God Bless you all, but that would be politically incorrect and might offend those who don't believe in a God.

P.S. Belinda, since you crossed the floor from the Conservative Party to the Liberals for an important vote in Parliament.....I'll watch and probably enjoy the moment more than I should if you go down baby! Although I can't speak for Peter MacKay, I'm sure he may enjoy it just a wee bit too!


Kris said...

I think your cartoons are great..keep it up! ...and I hear you about the Liberals. *sigh*


anonymous said...

You are such a talented artist! Why are you wasting your time raising children, instead of being a productive member of society? Don't you know that perfect strangers love and care for your children much more than you do?

What WERE you thinking??

C -

Deb said...

You're such a horrible person for being there for your children; to offer them lessons in morality.

Yeah right! You're a wonderful mother and great at everything you do! Keep up the good fight!

El Capitan said...