Thursday, 9 March 2006


Hi Loves,

Well, I'm back again. Sorry I didn't write sooner but I've been feeling jet lagged since I got back from Boston. Sandi says that I'm not really jet lagged since Boston is in the same time zone as home, but what does she know....she's never been to Boston! D'uh!
I haven't gotten any pictures from my trip. I stayed inside the suitcase. Mr. P. didn't think that the fellows at M.I.T. would appreciate a pair of world travelling underwear tagging along. I'm not sure why though because I'm sure theirs were all there. Well at least I got a pin this time that says Boston. Lucky me! I'm thrilled. It's a start. No travel plans for the immediate future. I'm trying to talk Sandi into taking me out for the day now that the weather is warming up. We'll see I guess!

Hugs & Kisses

Vicki Stripes

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Mr. Incredulous said...

Dear Vicki Stripes,
Sorry to hear you were cooped up in Beantown, but I can tell you that you didn't miss much. I've been to Boston. Too much traffic, too much noise from Logan, too much arrogance and way too much sports fanaticism. Maybe Mr. P will take you someplace more interesting soon. Enjoy your time at home.
"Twilight Zone"