Tuesday, 28 March 2006

Princess Four of Four

I walked into the room belonging to my third and fourth daughters. I'm not a huge fan of Star Trek or anything, but I like the way that the Borg are "labelled." I think that this is a better way to call the kids when I want them. Especially if I am requiring all of them at once. "One through Four, Supper is ready!" Not that I need to call them for supper. Usually they are picking at the trough long before it's ready...but I digress.

I see a small green and yellow Ikea chair pulled up to Four of Four's dresser. It's sturdy enough. The dresser is strapped to the wall so it won't tumble over when used as a ladder to get whatever is out of reach at the top. That's how she got up there to get her bottle of baby lotion that I had thought I cleaverly stashed away in the top drawer where she NEVER looks. When there's a need there's a way I guess.

"Mom, I want a 'sauge now." she says in her deceptively sweet voice. You see, I know what will happen if I say no. Oh sure! You're sweet now, but if you don't get your massage when you demand it, there will be no living with you for the entire afternoon and probably most of the evening too!

This is something I used to do when she was an infant with dry skin. Now a recent addition to our bathtime routine again, she seems to be quite taken with this part of it. It was not, however, post bathtime.

I realized at this time that this is a true prima donna in the making. She's not our first "girlie girl", but is definately the first to believe that she's an honest to goodness princess and should get all of the princess perks that the position affords!

At 3.5 years of age, my little "princess" has previously let me know that our house is not beautiful like the huge condominium complex going up next to the Starbuck's where we like to have our morning coffee. She wants to live in a house the size of the entire complex she informs me.

Do I dissuade this behavior? No. Yesterday when we went shopping for shoes, she picked out the sparkly pink ones because that's what a princess would wear. I bought them.

You see, I have three more sensible, thrifty, tolerant and charitable children. This being the case the youngest is bound to be a little spoiled. She's Daddy's girl and definately his little princess. She's got him wrapped around her little finger! (I can say that in this blog with no fear of him reading it because this entry is too wordy. He likes the straight to the point kinda entries. He's a busy guy!) She says "jump" and he says "would you like me to grab you the moon while I'm up there. Oh ya, and by the way....how high?"

I suppose I'll need to take her down a few pegs so we don't totally ruin the child. Anyhow, enough for today's post. If you'll excuse me, Four needs her massage and manicure before we go for her morning hotchocolate at starbucks. I hope she doesn't want to go and find a dress to go with her shoes, I have got just too much to do today.


Kurt said...

You should have trained her in how much fun it is to give you a massage.

Deb said...

Hey! You're youngest and my youngest are the same age. Ugh, we're at that "give it to me or else" stage to. Wanna form a support group? LOL. Love the post!

Sariah said...

I really like the idea of calling the kids by Borg-like labels rather names. I'm sure I'd have an easier time remembering their names... and I only have TWO so far! :)

I'm also hoping that number 3 will be a little princess. After two destructo-ADD boys... yes, I need to do some girly things. And yes, she will be spoiled. Guess I'll find out in about another month or so. Until then, I'm fully planning on another one just like numbers one and two.