Monday, 29 May 2006

Oh What a Tangled Web We Weave....

I can cross something off of my lifetime to do list. I finally got to hold a tarantula! Is that not exciting or what?! And even didn't bite me.

I love spiders. Yes, love is a strong word when speaking of arachnids. I enjoy their beauty. Some from a distance might I add! The kind people at the local reptile zoo passed the spider around for all interested persons to hold. I was trying to keep my cool as it came closer and closer to me. I was excited enough to soil myself. Thankfully though, I didn't. Once I felt those furry little legs with picky tips tickling my palm I knew I was experiencing the next best thing to heaven.

Then I got to hold a python, some kind of lizard thingy and pet a skunk. Yes de-scented. Although can you ever really de-scent something so naturally pungent? I don't think so! (I wonder if they have to pee a skunk like they do squirrels.) Big whoop.

Anyhow, last evening I decided to start the campaign.

Me: That tarantula was AMAZING today!
Him: uh huh.
me: I want one.
him: (cough, sputter) HAA!
me: Does that mean yes?
him: (nasty look)
me: But I'll feed him, and walk him and clean up after him! Pleeeease!
me: And a dog. I want a dog too. A tarantula and a dog.
me: We could start with the dog though.

This is where I realized that he had completely tunned me out and had moved on to working on his lap top. I am a child again. A child begging for a pet. Not where I expected to be at 40.

Although a tarantula would be nice, and the possibility of one biting is not great, I wouldn't not seriously consider having one with young children in the house. I would however consider another dog. He doesn't want to. [sigh]

So I am now on the lookout for a pet to call my own. Something small that I can conceal. This morning I looked in the front garden. I found a pair of lady bugs. One looked like our native species. Nice, docile and beautifully red. The second looked like the invasive Asian kind that is wiping out our domestic ones.

I have included a picture. The one on the bottom would be my being the more docile of the two and less likely to munch on me. The Asian ones have a nasty habit of biting when hungry. Somehow though, I don't think a lady bug is the pet for me. I'm just not getting that "ooooh! come and meet my new pet, isn't it exciting!" feeling from her.

I apologize for the graphic nature of the picture. I had caught them, it seems at an inappropriate time.


fourth_fret said...

potbellied pig
bald kitty

(there you go, pick one and pursue it with ambition - i suggest the rattler) until he gives in on a dog or tarantuala.

GoofyJ said...

Have you considered a squirrel? Just be sure to keep the toilet closed. heh :)

Deb said...

Spiders. . .ugh. You're gutsier than I am.

There was a kitten I saw years ago I just had to have. I fibbed to hubby and told him it was for a friend when he raised the roof.

The kitten stayed around for three days, and after the end of the third day, hubby said, "Well, if that darn kitten is going to stay here, you better name it."

Evil aren't I? You're welcome to try my tactic if you want. LOL.

Adventurer said...

I could have got you a free guinea pig at the GGGS. The sign came out just as CU-2 passed by, luckily out of ear shot. DH was also lost in the crowd, so I couldn't plead her case in absentia.

3 cats, 5 fish, time-shared dog, and a couple of ants ... I think that's plenty for now.

Kurt said...

They don't allow dogs where I live. It is my greatest sorrow.

Jill and Violet said...

We just happen to come upon your blog and we just wanted to tell you that you have one of the funniest if not the funniest blogs we have ever read. we laughed so hard we cried when we read about your kid peeing everywhere. and other things. You should write a book. I'd buy it. well goodbye and hope your kid grows out of their sleepwalking