Thursday, 1 June 2006

I've dug into my winter stock of cartoons for this one I had done while lounging at the ski hill. It's refreshing after the 30 degree temperatures we've been having this week. Not to be out done by other warmer places we added a breathtaking humidity factor (truely breathtaking) to bring us up around mid to high 30's.

Before calling me a wimp, remember afterall, I am a Canadian! We're supposed to be pale and cold. It's what we do best!

A quick note from Vicki before I go:

Hello Darlings,

I just wanted to drop you a quick note letting you know I'll be soon travelling again.

Mr. Perpetual Chocoholic hasn't agreed to bring me along for his whirlwind tour of Europe, so I'll need to sneak my little self on board again. I'm not looking forward to the long journey in the overhead compartment, but I'll do it if it means I'll get to experience Italy and France.

I hear that in France most people don't even go through a bar of soap in a year. You have no idea how thrilled I am that I'm a Canadian undergarment if this is true. Phew darlings! Take a bath a little more often and give us all a break!

Much Love,



Kurt said...

Vicki, you might be the only pair of underpants in France.

Violet and Jill said...

wow, that sounds really cold. Where we live it has been over 90 for the past 2 weeks.

Adventurer said...

I think that's 30 degrees Celcius ...

PC - I appreciate the picture. I'm feeling cooler already.

Deb said...

Cute cartoon. I can sympathize with the character laying in the snow. As you know, the ER staff here and I are on a first name basis.

Jill said...

my bad. i totally forgot about the difference. but i wish it was in the 80s here.

GoofyJ said...

I tried to ski for the first time this winter, and we'll just leave it at that. heh. :) Oh, and good luck to Vicki. heh :)

anonymous said...

LOVE the cartoon - I need a nice reminder of cooler weather. I moved back from Miami to avoid this nonsense! Not to mention we have squitos the size of small birds here at the moment!

I hate those things! *smile*
C -