Wednesday, 12 July 2006

Vicki gets pinned

Well Hello Darlings!

I'm having a wonderful time in San Diego! The weather is fabulous, and the palm trees are a sight for sore eyes!
I've got two new pieces of jewellry to show off. You may wonder where I've stashed all of my old baubles. I always remove them before my flight and leave them at home Darlings! I would so hate to embarrass Mr. Perp in any way should they ask why he was travelling with a ladies pair of undergarments covered in pins. This way I'm so much less flashy. He can just tell them he thought they were men's and all would be wonderful again!
Much love and wish me luck for the flight back!

Vicki Stripes


Deb said...

How sad for me. . .a pair of undies gets around more than I do. Rotfl.

GoofyJ said...

LOL! Deb reminded me of when I was in highschool pepband, our director would hollar out the name of the new song he wanted us to play. Part of our repetoire was the song "I Get Around" Our entire band would erupt with mock gasps every time he announced that song. "I get around!" he would hollar, and in giggling voices we would answser, "Gosh, Mr. E, you don't have to broadcast it . . . " Sorry, rambling, it was just a funny memory that popped in my head.

Perpetual Chocoholic said...

LOL. I know. I've never been to any of the places that Vicki has been to. Sigh.