Thursday, 31 August 2006

Let the Parade Begin

I generally try to get to bed by midnight. Ok, actually 1am, but I was good on this particular night. Just when I was starting to settle two, almost 11 years old, gigglers (only one was mine) called me to the room with a very grave concern.

"We hear scratching coming from the wall! Then a thump, thump, thump, then more scratching!" Says one.
"The 'Extra child' thinks it might be a ghost." says One of Four while laughing nervously.

"hmmm. Considering that Spotty the Rat lives in his cage against the wall you are talking about, I'm quite sure that it is him you are hearing." I reply.
"But if you are really worried, and you think that it IS a ghost and you see it coming for you, just yell out "Whoooowaaaah!" and that'll take care of it for you. At least, that what works for me." I leave behind two giggling pre-teens.

Finally sleep catches up to me when I hear a loud bang. Three of Four jumping down from her bunk to go to the little ladies room. I fall back asleep.

"Psssst. Psssst." I hear a leak in a tire somewhere I say to my husband.
"No, it's me (1 of 4.....yet again). Three of Four went to the toilet about 20 minutes ago and didn't go back to her room. 'Extra' and I went to check up on her and she's asleep on the toilet." She says her voice broken intermittently by hysterical laughing.

"Gee Three. I didn't know toilet paper holders made good pillows too!" I sighed as she grumbled and shot me a hateful look as I awoke her and escorted her back to her room. Getting her there was one ordeal. Getting her into a high bunk was yet another. It wasn't pretty and it wasn't fun.

Once again, sleep manages to find me despite my frequent changes of address on this night. Unfortunately, they must feel I'm ready for yet another rude awakening, despite my thinking I may actually be able to live in my dream land for a while.

"Mom," says Two of Four quite firmly, not to be left out of this evenings events, "can I invite a friend over too?!"
"You mean now, at 3:10 in the morning?" I reply disbelievingly.
"Oh. Maybe now wouldn't be good." she mumbles, seemingly shocked by the time.
"Can I tomorrow then?" She asks sheepishly.
"Two! " I will not have a discussion about social invitations at this time of the night! GO TO BED!

God bless little Four of Four. The one that usually wakens me with nightmares, lonelyness, or requests manages to sleep through the night. That's ok though. Her sisters and friend more than made up for her one night off!!!

By the way. Mr. P. tells me I should go to bed earlier then I won't be so tired all of the time. Honestly. Would it really matter? It's just that much more time that someone would have to wake me up.


Kurt said...

I struggle to be in bed by midnight.

Deb said...

By ten o'clock. I'm beginning to tur into a pumpkin. Hey, look at the bright side, at least they didn't think you were a toilet this time.

Perpetual Chocoholic said...

lol Deb. the silver lining in my cloudy night.

jon said...

The "all night giggle fest".

We are having more and more of those lately.

And if there are no extra children, there is always one of the two regulars trying to weasle their way into our bed.

Patti said...

Sounds a bit like my house, and there's only two rugrats to settle down. They just can't stay put!

Musical beds, from the couch, to the bunk, to the big bed, fall on the floor, back to the bunk again ... (I just wish they didn't have to come and tell me every move they make!)

GoofyJ said...

lol! :) Oh the craziness. Usually we just wake up half way through the night to find kids sprawled haphazardly across us in the middle of the night. :)

Rainypete said...

Maybe he's thinking along the same lines as I am. If you need a good 8 hours then you should get into bed about 12 hours before you need to be up. That way the four hours you lose to interruptions will se tyou up with 8 hours of remaining sleep.