Friday, 29 September 2006

Howwwwwl! Bring On The Full Moon!

I missed Thursday evening coffee. Poor Adventurer wasn't quite herself. My piano teacher is going off to have a baby and so this was her last lesson for a few months. Our Barista from the coffee shop (my un-named night-time coffee shop.) has changed shifts and a new crew of less generous individuals have taken over. They actually charge us for the coffee. Even the Starbucks crew (my daytime coffee shop) hasn't pitched in a free one in what seems like eons. I even hear that they are going to raise their prices by .05. What....your coffee isn't already costing me enough?!

I found my bunny ears sitting on a bedside table last evening. One of the house monsters must have deposited them there in passing, thinking I looked like I needed to get out for a good coffee and enhancement of lawn ornamentation.

Where is this world going to? Is it Karma? Is this something cyclical? And to add salt to a wound, it's miserable outside. All I can say is when is the next full moon?! That will shake things up.

As a nurse, many, many years ago, I did a float shift on a Psychiatric ward. I was fully in uniform at the time (unlike the regular ward nurses.)I stood out like a glaring beacon of white in a sea of blackness. And yes, it was a full moon to boot.

Now they say that the moon really doesn't have anything to do with the behavior of human kind....poppycock!!!! It was a full moon on this particular night. You should have been there THAT night when the elderly lady was moaning because somebody cut off her penis! And the well spoken young man wouldn't take half his meds because....and here he lost me. It had something to do with quantum physics though. Then there was the gentleman who found the elderly lady's missing appendage. It was attached to him unfortunately. Too bad for her.

I'm not saying I want that kind of confusion brought on me, but do you know I've been to Walmart three times of late and not one 'interesting' individual found their way to me! Is the world going all normal on me? Where's the full moon....bring it on!

....darn, it's not until the 7th of Oct. Sigh.

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dEB said...

Have to come to Texas to find the weirdos at Wal-Mart.

Spoken by the lead Wal-Mart Weirdo.

I choked on my coffee reading your post. That's hilarious about the old lady.