Friday, 6 October 2006

Happy Thanksgiving Weekend.

I can say that early because, the school board decided that wouldn't it be fun to tack a PD day onto a long weekend and give the parents four days home with whining, fighting, energetic kids.

We actually celebrated last weekend since my sister is moving to Nova Scotia. We couldn't have a family fight at the dinner table without her after all. Think of what she would be missing.

We headed up to my parents a whole week early so that Mr. P. could act as if his seat was on fire, and my Father could turn red and even I could get into the fray this time, wanting to jump across the table and give my brother in law a good shake. At the end of the political discussion I suggested we move onto a rousing talk on religion, but it was decided it was better not to. They had a large trip ahead of them, and it would have been hard to drive in a body cast.

Thank God they didn't start talking about hockey! We would have all ended up in the hospital!

I don't think, other than grace, we actually mentioned we were thankful for anything. I'll save that for a quiet weekend at home on the actual date. Maybe over the turkey Mr. P shot last spring. I hope he fits in the oven......the turkey that is. As in the wild bird, not Mr. P.


Anonymous said...

I'm glad you clarified it wa sthe bird and not Mr. P you were putting in the oven. I guess you could say you were going to cook his goose. LOL *snort* Sorry that was so corny, the coffee is wearing off.

Kurt said...

Ah, family. At least you're not a traitor to your country (as some fathers have suggested I am).

Adventurer said...

Oh PC. You're on the mark with this one. Thanks for the laugh and the snork!

GoofyJ said...

I had the same reaction as Deb, did a double take and re-read the last paragraph, busting a gut. :)