Tuesday, 10 October 2006

It's Monday morning again. At least in my head. Long weekends do that to me. Extra long weekends just make me crazy.

Due to Thanksgiving being this past Monday, garbage day will be pushed back until Saturday from Friday. This does not bode well for me or the turkey carcass just screaming to escape the clutches of the sealed garbage can to the ever waiting little grubby hands of squirrels. It was a wild turkey the other half of we caught this past Spring. They will set it free once again all over my driveway. I can look forward to cleaning it up. Frequently.

I had gotten a fair amount of yard work completed this weekend. I'm sore. It's not so much that I'm out of shape as my shape is ever changing and my current form isn't conducive to hard physical labour.

My piano teacher told me that gardening is bad for my hands as far as the piano goes. If I get a note from her, is that like getting a note from your doctor? Can I stop the gardening indefinately? At least for as long as I am studying piano?

I found my gnome again amounst the overgrown, dried out echinacea and poppies. Why doen't my gnome help me with the yard work. What good are the blasted things if they don't give a hand once in a while!? I suppose they are like any celebrity. All presence and no substance. I am assuming they are celebrities after all, since they do have their faces on gum packages, and t.v. commercials. I can't seem to go a whole day without seeing one of the hideous creations plastered across something.

Well, I've pretty much covered everything for today. Except.....no, I'll leave my rant about "Speedy" the bus driver for another day.


Kurt said...

Can't you just wear gloves, or is it a muscular thing?

Todd said...

Gnomes are scary.

Anonymous said...

re turkey - I'd suggest bagging it and driving around, at night, from neighborhood to neighborhood, trying to determine who has an earlier pick-up date. Then you could *gift* the bird remains to some other deserving squirrel-hoodlums.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, those pesky littles gnomes are getting more plentiful out here too; possible invasion?

Perpetual Chocoholic said...

Muscles Kurt. I'd hate to ruin any future brilliant career in music should I ever become a professional pianist. I don't think the fact that I started 2 years ago at age 39 shouldn't have any bearing on my chances.

anon. I know who you are! (Still can't remember your password!?) I think it's your garbage day before mine. Hee hee!

Deb, I believe you are right! Unfortunately the trend seems to be an upward rise in the gnome population!

fourth_fret said...

why is gardening bad for piano playin'. i'm starting to think you're making all of this up. you just want out of gardening, don't you? or piano playin'. one or the other. i can tell.

Mr. Incredulous said...

I've always wondered: in the States, one Thanksgiving tradition is the men sit on their rumps watching football on TV all afternoon. What happens in Canada? Does everyone gather round the tube to watch "Hockey Night in Canada?"
(Actually, I much prefer hockey to football!)

jon said...

I thought I was losing my mind. I kept reading blogs that talked about Thanksgiving. Did I not know what month it was? was my computer broke?

No, you Canadians just got thankful a little quicker than us Yank's

Rainypete said...

MMmmmmmm.... scattered turkey carcass. Feed ti tot eh gnomes and maybe they'll get off of their shiftless ceramic backsides and actually do some work!

GoofyJ said...

lol! I had to laugh about the piano comment. I have never heard that, and I have played the piano for 26 years and taught for 15, and studied at university. I have weeded and gardened a good portion of those years too, and I have never had any problems. heh :)

But I would say, to avoid weeding, go for it, maybe it really would work. . . maybe its something I should look into, heh :)

Or maybe that is why, even with all my practice, I never became a concert pianist. :) Or . . . maybe people just don't like concert pianists with dirty finger nails!!! I think that is it! I think I have finally figured it all out, it must be the fingernails . . err . . wait, pianists aren't supposed to have fingernails . . because then they CLICK. See? all your piano talk has made me CRAZY! CRAZY I tell ya! I think I will go crawl under my piano bench now and hide from the weeds . . . :)