Monday, 11 December 2006

My excitement yesterday was too great to contain. I had to call somebody! I knew just who. Being the owner of one of the pair of angel fish I was excited about, I rang "White Mocha" with the good news. It went as follows:

Perp: "Our angel fish have spawned and there are little squiggly things squirming around on one of the leaves of the sword plant......(blah, blah, blah.)"

Mocha: "Great. I'll have to come and see them tomorrow."

[ding dong]

Perp: "Oh! Someones at the door and I'm naked. I have to go."

I opened the door to find my parents there, after I dressed myself of course, and it hit me. I just blurted out that I was naked to White Mocha. Will she think I always disrobe before making a call? Or just before I call her perhaps? I relate the end of the conversation to my parents. My father burst out into a fit of laughter. Not good. He has a more .... interesting sense of humour. I have to call her back to explain.

Perp: "I want to appologize and explain about my naked comment..."

Mocha: "huh?"

Perp: "I had been getting dressed when I noticed the angel fry and called right away before I got dressed. I had been wearing my underwear, so I wasn't actually naked. I usually don't make a point of calling people when I am dressing, but I just was so excited about the fish....."

Mocha: "S'ok. I didn't actually hear you say it, but I understand anyways."

After hanging up I started to wonder what exactly she understood. That she too would have been so excited and could not wait to make that ever important call, or that I am an insane person that has been know to do bizzare things and blurt out even crazier phrases and she's used to my odd behavior. Hmmm. I wonder.


Deb said...

ROTFLOL! You are so dang hilarious! I laughed my rear off at your naked comment. Needed that chuckle!

Anonymous said...

Oddities become normal.