Thursday, 25 January 2007


An old cartoon for a new baby boy. Congratulations to Adventurer, DH, and CU's 1-3 and Grandma C and family. The baby (from now on to be know as CU 4?) was a whopping 10lb 12oz healthy boy. He was not due for at least another week. Could you imagine if..... Yikes!
Now on to Robbie Burns day. Mr. P. If you so much as try to set foot in this house with that stomach turning, vomitrocious, putrid dish know as hagus again this year....May you rest in peace! I'm the Scottish one, you're NOT! So bring me home some green beer and we'll pretend we had hagus instead.
Don't they have anything that doesn't taste like you're licking a dogs butt? (not that I've ever tried that people!) They must have some....tasty dessert or something more palitable and, you know....edible!!!?


Kurt said...

Congratulations baby-havers!

Sariah said...

LOVE the cartoon. :)

The only other Scottish food that I can think of is shortbread. I like that stuff. Never had hagus, and I never intend to. Unless I'm on The Amazing Race and I have to eat it in a Road Block or somthing. But that's an extreme case.

Allrie said...

Love the cartoon. Congrats on the baby--and condolences for all Mom had to go through with such a big baby!
I'm with Sariah on the shortbread, also oatmeal! After all, you can flavor it however you like!

Deb said...

Cute cartoon! The closest thing I ever came to hagas was eels, and that will never happen again. [shudder]