Monday, 12 February 2007

Perpetual Chocoholic
Dod: February 9, 2007
Yes, apparently I am one of those people who has had a near death experience.
I went to school to pick of 4 of 4 after her morning junior kindergarden class. Her teacher approached me with a sly kind of smile which was soon replaced by a bubbling giggle that just wouldn't stop.
Mrs. Giggles: "4 of 4 told one of her classmates and then the rest of us that you had died and gone to heaven. She insisted she was ok and well taken care of because Nana and Poppa came to take care of her while you were dead."
Perp: "Huh?"
Mrs. Giggles: "Is everything ok? I mean, I can see your not dead (she's a very bright teacher as you can tell!), but were you sick recently, in the hospital....have PMS or....something? (ok, she didn't ask about the PMS, but she might as well have!)
Perp: "Not even a hangnail."
Mrs. Giggles: "oh well, maybe it was a dream."
Perp: "My brother (when he was about 4 of 4's age) had on more than one occasion dreamt my Grandmother was in the hospital and would ask my parents why. They would assure him she was fine and at home in her appartment. At least she would be until the next day when she inevitably always ended up in the hospital. Maybe 4 has the gift! Maybe I'll be dead tomorrow!!!!!!!"
Mrs. Giggles: "Oh no, I'm sure you'll be fine."
Perp: I give her a stoney look and the silent treatment. [why does she think that my daughter killing me off in her dreams is so funny!!!?]
Mrs. Giggles: "She did also say that everything was ok now though, you came back from heaven."
Perp: "yah, what a relief."
I then proceeded to the office to sign myself out and repeated the conversation almost verbatim with the school secretary. Only she started off with,
"Oh, and here I thought you were dead.....hahahahahah!"
So in case there is no tomorrow, Goodbye for now. See you all on the flip side. God willing!


Adventurer said...

Maybe you could get a T-shirt or use the line from This Hour Has 22 Minutes *Some people may not share this type of humor*.

Kurt said...

Aw, that's ADORABLE!

Mr. Incredulous said...

Maybe 4 meant "Mommy's alive in body, but dead in spirit."

OK, that doesn't sound any better either.