Saturday, 26 May 2007

Mr. Hunter

This is the reason I find myself sleeping with my pillow and blanket at night half in a dog crate.

This is the reason that I have to wash my floors every couple of hours. Floors, carpets, deck boards, grass......(I don't was the grass, d'uh! I have to rinse the runny poops off though!)

This is the reason that I have perfect strangers approaching me and talking 'baby talk' at my side. Seems to especially attract the stinky people. Especially the ones that smoke. They can't seem to pass on by.

This is the reason I have to baby proof my house ..... again.

This is the dog that knows how to open his dog crate.

This is the dog that knows how to get food off of the cupboard and dog food from the closed bag.

This is the dog that absolutely loves yarn as much as any kitten you may find and can shred a baby blanket in the process of being created faster then I can grab it from him.

This is the dog that has his days and nights mixed up.

This is the smartest puppy I have ever come across. I'm talking scary smart!

This is Hunter. God have mercy on me!


Kurt said...

I love Hunter!

Patti said...

Oh he's gorgeous! How's your shoe situation? And make sure to keep those nails really short -- that's how they get the refridgerator door open ... oh what a mess!

Have fun, the baby days go by so quick!

Sariah said...

Oh! But he's so cute! Aren't you just the cutest wittle thing? Yes you are! Yes, Hunter is da best wittle puppy!!!

Heh. I was only being a little sarcastic. He is adorable. Good luck with all that energy!!!

Anonymous said...

Yes, best of luck with all that energy - he is adorable though. It is good to hear from you by the way, I've missed ya. :)

Deb said...

He's beautiful! Just popping in to say hi! Monitor will be replaced soon. It'd better be, I'm having blogging withdrawal! LOL