Wednesday, 13 June 2007

CU 3

Here's another one for grandma C. This is CU number 3. I thought I'd post this one at various stages of completion. The last one I did that to stalled. Hopefully I'll have better luck with this one.

It's a lovely day outside. Or it would have been had I decided to go about my usual routine and bike with the other half of we part way to work. This has become
our routine. I go with him to the border of our province and let him do "that other one" himself. I hate to cross over to the dark side of the bridge because were I to get hurt, lost or find myself in need of a Gatorade I'd have a hell of a time trying to get them to understand what I want. C'est terrible! Excuse my French, but I just don't speak the language.

Anyhow, that's all irrelevant because the other half of we blew me off today in favour of another woman! He was meeting her behind the Parliament buildings.

"But dear, I want to know where the path is so I can cycle behind them instead of in front of them." he insists innocently.

Like we all haven't heard that lame duck excuse before!

A date. My husband had a date. I was willing to overlook the lunch date. Both of them. This is different! This is my time. I actually even went further yesterday to keep him company. I went 20.53 km! Since he decided to stay in Canada a bit longer and take a different bridge.

Oh well. Makes me feel less guilty for purchasing those two art books online the other day.

And for the record....I only admired the black bald and buff fellow from a distance on the bike path last month. I didn't try to follow him behind Parliament Hill!


Deb said...

I like your drawing!

Men *snort*. Sounds like something my other half would do. LOL.

richgold said...

He better show you the route tomorrow!

Kurt said...

My GF went on a date once when we were living together. She said she tried to tell him no, but he was insistent. He even came to the house to pick her up. How stupid am I?

Patti said...

Nice to see some of your work. I think those art books must be doing you some good ... go ahead and get more (hee, hee!)