Friday, 12 October 2007

Dear Mr. P

"You have a serious problem" Mr. P states as he passes by watching me gaming with great intensity.

"Do NOT!" I retort. I can't get sucked into this conversation again at this time. I'm on a roll and about to win big money!

"Stop distracting me!" I throw out quickly as I continue with my game.

This is the greatest website ever! I love it. I don't get to use the computer very often any more. Our family rule is weekends only and on weekends I have to fight four other computer addicted little bodies for a few minutes on the blasted thing.

I take a second to look down at the points. $18,790. Wait a minute, that's not right!

"OH CRAP! ONE OF FOUR, GET YOUR BUTT DOWN HERE RIGHT NOW!" I scream in full anger mode.

"Have you been spending my money? I was up over $20,000?" I ask the sheepish child now standing before me.

"Ya Mom. I wanted to take some courses. It costs money you know." she quietly replies.

"Do you know how hard I worked to earn that money?" I ask her unbelievingly.

"Well, ya. But you is my Webkinz and my Webkinz account. I thought I could spend a little bit and you wouldn't get mad." she says defensively.

Huh. Little do you know. Maybe I need to purchase my own stuffed animal with account information. This selfish little monster doesn't appreciate all the hard work I do for her!

"You do realize this is a kids game." Mr. P reminds me with a smirk.

"I'm sorry, but that's what we're led to believe but in reality I'm telling you Mr. that there are a whole lot of adults sitting at their computers right now just like me playing on their very own childrens accounts!" I defend.

"Snort, right!!!!!" He laughs.

"Some of these games are quite difficult once you get up to the advanced levels, and I'm telling you, the person I played rock, paper, scissors against the other day was not a child. There was great strategy going into the moves that person was making. I tell you again....that was NO CHILD!" I rant.

"Besides," I remind him "what child plays Webkinz at 1:30 am in the morning on a school night? The place is just a hoppin' at that time. You can't tell me these are all kids, even with the time differences!"

Well Mr. I have proof!

Last evening at 11:30 pm, I was sitting in my car with just one of those people. It started off with a conversation about our kids and their love of certain toys. It went to stuffies and then Webkinz. Eventually there was an admission that yes, they did enjoy to go to the job office in Webkinz world and was frustrated that they were only allowed to work once every 8 or 9 hours. Also they liked to tend the garden of said childs toy. This un-named individual ALSO was granted permission to upkeep the site when the children were at their other parents home for the week.

That being said, I still want my own Webkinz toy. Maybe for Christmas Mr. P?


Anonymous said...

Hee hee. :) I haven't heard of Webkinz - sounds fun though. :) A few years ago my hubby bought me my own set of legos with dragons in them - very cool. We all need our toys. :)

Kurt said...

Kids these days.

Anonymous said...

Guess what I'm doing right now ;-)

Home before dark is pretty challenging. I can't get passed level 4.

richgold said...

After racking up almost 5k in webkinz dollars, I logged on tonight to find that my dear CU-2 had spent 4k of it. As far as I can tell, she bought a freaking pile of almonds and some lawn furniture. She and I are going to have a wee chat tonight!!!!!

Deb said...

Hehe. Sounds like fun. I'm addicted to

Patti said...

hmmm, must do more research ... this is the first I heard of it, but I'm not sure I want to share this with the Peanut (resident gamer) just yet ...

richgold said...

Guess what?! My DH is now _addicted_ to Webkinz. He's gone so far as to try to figure out how to cheat the Quizzy's Word Challenge game (how to get the biggest score for the level - he says he has to average 23 points per word at level 6 ...).