Monday, 28 July 2008

I started my day bright and way too early for me cycling to work with Mr. P. Today I decided to cycle the long way home. This involved staying on the Quebec side longer and cycling downtown to Hull before crossing over to downtown on the Ontario side of the river. Unfortunately part way there I hit the wall.

Chocolate muffins (which are really chocolate cupcakes under the guise of muffins), the breakfast of champions, do not a good breakfast make! So I happened upon a convenience store along a beach just as I had run out of steam.

I decided some Life Savers would do the trick and went in search of just that.

I didn't realize upon entering the store just how gosh darn sexy I was looking this particular day. Was it because I was all hot and sweaty in my lime green cycling shirt with a frog imprinted on it and skin tight cycling shorts with my oh so stylish clip-less clip-in shoes? Or maybe it was the coffee stain adorning my shirt and left sock. A souvenir from my break at Moca Loca. Maybe I seemed exotic with my purely Anglophone words and accent.

Whichever it was, the very kind purely Francophone clerk offered to make me a fresh breakfast tomorrow morning "....if it's ok with your boyfriend", he added shyly at the end.

Geez I love Quebec. Even I look good over there!

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