Monday, 22 September 2008

Awk! I've Been Framed!

Ok. Not framed quite yet but, finally complete and at the framing place. I get to do the actual framing when the supplies come in to help keep costs down.

Now, by the way, would not be the time to tell me that you see a little something that should be changed.

Big Sigh (of relief!)

On to my next victim....I mean subject;-)

I was just thinking....maybe I could make this my "thing." You know, my gimmick.

"Why exterminate when you can perpetuate! Have your portrait painted with your favourite roaches, rat, spider or other household vermin! Keep their memory alive long after you eradicate them." was just a thought.


Kurt said...

Don't forget to sign it.

Perpetual Chocoholic said...

Already done. I cut off the bottom of the picture.

richgold said...

Exactly Kurt. That's what I was looking for too!

Teresa Mallen said...

Great job! There is so much I like but I will keep it brief as this is supposed to just be a comment...I especially love the job you did on her eyebrows. See how closely I looked?! Eyebrows can be quite challenging for people for some reason. Anyway, you nailed them, beautiful.

Hey, fantastic - expressive figure drawing - you go girl!!

Anonymous said...

That looks fantastic!