Wednesday, 17 September 2008

Gasp! She's nude!

Started my first art class today. Expressive Figure Drawing. No pictures to post. Nude models and all. When they asked if anyone hadn't worked from live models before I had to admit that I have only worked from photographs. I was the only one. I also volunteered that I was used to bringing the photos right up close to my face while drawing. The model told me not to worry about it, she showered before the class.

There were three men in the class. Regulars from what I could tell. The teacher was familiar with a couple of them. I thought I really sucked at the drawing at first. Until I took a look at the work of a couple of the guys. Two of the men were obviously there for the nude show since their artistic talent was questionable.

We ran through various poses with the longest being 15 minutes and the shortest a minute. I went from taking 40 to 100 hours of painting a detailed coloured pencil piece at home and in workshops to drawing a complete figure, shading and all in three minutes. You can imagine how many poses I was actually able to finish. It was good though. It did loosen me up. I came home and scribbled much of the rest of my current painting in record time. Now I have to find a happy medium.

Oh, and for any guy out there wanting to know.....ya, the model was young and hot! Wonder what the male model will look like.

I leave you with some Inuksuk's with the peace tower on Parliament hill visible in the background. THIS is something pretty to look at on the Ontario side. Yeah, finally!


Kurt said...

I wanna see the sketches.

richgold said...

Excellent! Grandma Dirk goes to these types of class. She tells me they're to learn how to work quickly and then with more time ... as you're learning to do. Another exercise that she does sometimes is tries to sketch people in commercials or on TV.

Re the guys. She's showed me her pictures ... Some are hot. Some are average.

And the picture - rat and all is fabulous. I'm looking at it and wondering what 1/4 isn't done yet. It is JUST FABULOUS.

When are you hanging out your shingle?

Perpetual Chocoholic said...

Would still love to do those couple of pics of CU2 adventurer! The panda and red eyes.