Wednesday, 3 September 2008

Mr. Yummy Ain't gettin' through!

Remember Mr. Yummy the mailman? Well, this time it wasn't me with the red face! (for a change)

Mr. Yummy rang White Mocha's door bell upon realizing that he had forgotten to get a signature for a package that he had delivered earlier that day. White Mocha answered the door, opening it only a crack. She was concerned that Pepper, her large mailman eating dog, might lunge at him if she opened the door fully.

As White Mocha was signing the necessary form, Pepper, knowing his favourite afternoon treat....mailman.....was on the other side, started to try to push through her legs. She started shifting her hips and legs side to side, to match whichever direction Pepper tried to escape through.

"Don't think you're going to push your way through here!" she said as she swayed her hips and signed the form.

It wasn't until after she had closed the door that she realized that Mr. Yummy had probably not been aware that the dog was attempting to push his way past White Mocha from behind. He had most likely not seen the dog at all. He had probably thought she was talking to him!

Poor man. No wonder he dashes down our street at the speed of light. It appears that there's always somebody hitting on him!

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Anonymous said...

Well, he's Mr. Yummy! Mmm, a nice light snack.