Wednesday, 15 October 2008


Cannon at the back of Parliament Hill. Guess where it's pointing....(giggle) .... Quebec!

Yeah Harper!

I know adventurer, but, I couldn't vote for the Bloq. They're only in Quebec, for Quebec and I'm not French enough for that yet!

As Mr. P. says, "How can Elizabeth May be truely green when she doesn't look like she walks, bikes, or runs anywhere." There's a couch potato if ever there was one. Plus she's convinced that anyone that doesn't agree with her is just plain wrong. (I think that way about my beliefs, but in my case I'm right;-)

Ahhhh, dear, dear Stephane Dion. I couldn't understand him in French or English. I think that we're taxed enough without adding some bogus carbon tax boondoggle. Plus he was just so all round silly I had to giggle every time he popped up on t.v. The Preston Manning of the Liberals. Maybe he needs a makeover just like Preston.

Jack Layton, among other things, was promising more doctors and nurses. WHAT? Was he going to create them in his lab? How can you hire MORE doctors and nurses when there aren't any TO hire! Nice little trick that. Make a promise to do something that can't be done right now, but can't come back on you.

Above all else, if I hear one more person whining about carbon credits and environmental change (notice it's not called global warming anymore!) I'm going to have to slap them silly! I've been sitting here freezing my tata's off after one of the colder, wetter summers we've had of recent years while places like China and India are polluting the world and poisoning the people with their little chocolate coins(China). Go bug them first. I show no pitty for any country that poisons such important staples such as milk, grains and chocolate!

That's my rant.

Yeah Stephen!

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Kurt said...

Hooray for Stephen Harbler! China is out of control! Someone must rein them in.