Monday, 13 October 2008


Bike path under Parliament Hill. That's the Supreme Court (of very ridiculously ridiculous Liberal judges) of Canada on the Left. Quebec on the right.

Oh, and just because I can, a little plug for tomorrows election....GO STEPHEN HARPER!


richgold said...

Maybe you'll never meet me for coffee ever again. I'm an A-B-C voter.

The choices aren't great. Actually, all of the choices are pretty stinky. He's had enough of a mandate to do enough damage to the arts, for example.

Oh, on a happier note, feel like taking your apple picture on a road trip? Coronation Hall just opened up down the road in Bristol, Québec and could use a bit of color on their walls. (And they're looking for it too!)

Kurt said...

Your Canadian elections are so quaint!

Anonymous said...

Pretty scenery. Hope your elections go better than ours.