Tuesday, 21 October 2008

I've delivered my first portrait to a client for review. Big sigh. She was happy with it despite the fact that I had not yet chosen a colour to paint in for the background. I was expecting to consult with her and then complete the piece. She liked it just white the way it was. I forgot to photograph it. Live and learn. Once any touch ups are done that may be requested, it will hang in a business on the dark side of the river.

Now that I've started a new piece all of the feelings of self-doubt, uselessness and self-depreciating thoughts can resume until I approach the end stages of the next painting.


Patti said...

All I can say is, Wow! I haven't been here in awhile and your art is really taking off!

Not to belittle it or anything, but your "feelings of self-doubt, uselessness and self-depreciating thoughts" sounds so much like the writing process. But we do it anyway, don't we?

Thanks for sharing!

Kurt said...

I want clients!

richgold said...

Patti - you're right. I think it's part of _any_ creative endeavor.

PC - marvelous. re picture taking, can you take one after the fact?