Wednesday, 8 October 2008

Parliament Hill

After a humbling morning of expressive drawing of a nude figure in art class, I decided I needed to perk myself up. I haven't enjoyed the photography side of drawing until recently, but, now the bug has bitten me!

I've been in the Parliament buildings, through, on top of, in front, underneath and at the sides of Parliament Hill, but never directly behind. I had heard tell of a feral cat sanctuary directly at the back of the Parliament buildings. After trudging along with about 30lbs of drawing and camera equipment I was about ready to give up! I had found a daycare, oodles of foreign speaking tourists, statues coated in bird poop, RCMP officers and Public Servants, but no Stray cat joint. Just as I was ready to give up, there it was! It actually does exist. I've gotta say though, turns out the MP's aren't the only fat cats up there!

P.S. Doesn't that raccoon look like the cat that ate the canary!


Anonymous said...

Try The Cats of Parliament Hill Blog at
for more information and almost daily updates.

richgold said...

I understand that they're neutering the cats and that they're letting the colony die out (naturally); that the cats that people just drop off are being taken to the shelters for adoption (as these feral cats know how to live in the wild and usually the drop-off have become accustomed to less rough conditions). Though, from those pictures, I'd like to be on the receiving end of the skills of THAT carpenter!

Kurt said...

Are they taking donations? We have a couple dozen we can send them.