Thursday, 13 November 2008

click on photo to get a closer look at the little slimy friend (oh ya, and the frog too;-)

It's hard to show the true colour of this picture without a sunny day, since I know squat about photography. I can't use the flash, it shines off of the wax in the pencil and makes a big white blob in the middle of the picture. Guess I know which course I should take next!

Just little details to finish now. The hand and do a little makeover in a few spots. I look forward to the next one and all of the frustration that comes with it!


alison said...

It's a lovely picture! I looked back through your blog to see it take shape. You're very talented. They are going to love the picture.

Oh, and thanks for visiting my blog.

richgold said...

This is just so cool.

Perpetual Chocoholic said...

Thanks Alison. Glad I happend upon your blog through richgold's blog.

Thanks Adventurer.

bella rum said...

Love the frog. He compliments her eyes.

How long does did this take? The client will love it.

Perpetual Chocoholic said...

Ah, thanks Bella! That's exactly what I was going for. Green eyes and frog. There will be some green in the matt or frame to accentuate it further.

Each picture that size takes anywhere between about 40 to 80 hours to complete. Can be more or less depending on the size. Coloured pencil is layed down in multi-layers since they are transparent in nature. That's how you get the depth. Her iris' alone have about 5 different greens, black, indigo blue, cream, tuscan red and there may even be a yellow. I forget! But don't get me started;-)