Friday, 5 December 2008

Okay. I'm not angry anymore. I'm sad. I don't know why. I expect after such a blow out it's my body just readjusting.

I sat down at my art desk and started up on the beach picture I had previously put aside. I imagine I'll be looking at this one for the next few months. So much so that I'm going to want to slap the kid every time I have to look at her. I won't know, bad anger and all that.

My work is now hanging at the shop in Aylmer. The owner had her's framed herself and it looks beautiful in the frame she chose. That's not one I've posted anywhere for privacy purposes. I think that it's my favourite.

I've launched my art site. You can see the link in the sidebar. So much for anonymity.

Also, if you live nearby and need hay there's a link to a friends farm. Funny story associated with that:

The kids and Mr. P. went out to visit friends at their beefalo farm. There had been an auction up the road and there was leftover livestock that no one wanted. Four roosters. Mr. and Mrs. Beefalo took them in. The Mrs. warned the kids that one in particular was quite feisty and liked to attack ankles much to her chagrin. Avoid the roosters!

Within a short period of time there were 4 crazy roosters racing around the yard with 4 little girls in chase. Not long after that there were 4 kids cuddling and holding roosters much to their (the roosters) delight. Then the children disappeared. It was getting late and all were invited in to tea in the farmhouse. Well, the people were at least. Not the roosters. They were left behind outside with free run of the farm.

Foggy Bottom Farms has a farmhouse in the form of a long bungalow with low windows. On this particular day Foggy Bottom Farms had a long bungalow with low windows, 4 little girls snacking inside and 4 silly roosters glaring in those low windows crowing, frantically pacing and kicking up a fuss demanding the kids return and take up the chase.

Sadly the roosters couldn't take up permanent residence. They went to other farmers once they found out how much fun it was to dig up the vegetable and flower gardens.

Who knew roosters were so much fun!?

P.S. Isn't that drumstick just calling too you?


Squirrel said...

I was "in charge" of a rooster one summer --I had to get past him to collect the eggs from the henhouse. It wasn't easy.

Grandma "C" said...

We raised chickens, they are the dumbest things going. If you think they do nasties to a persons ankles, you should see what they do to each other, nasty, nasty. Anyhow, chickens are the only animal I have no problem butchering, and the home grown ones taste really good, and the eggs are great.

Kurt said...

I have a batch of eggs right now that are all twins. How strange is that?

bella rum said...

We had chickens when I was a kid and the roosters were kind of aggressive. They would run after you and peck at your ankles.

Perpetual Chocoholic said...

My father actually got an egg a couple of years ago that had three yolks!

richgold said...

I've never actually been close to a chicken or a rooster. What life experiences your kids are having!

Serena said...

What fun the roosters and the kids had....and how cute that the roosters were calling frantically for the girls to go back out and play. Great story ~