Friday, 16 January 2009

-40 is -40 clarify:

the celsius and fahrenheit scale converge at minus 40. So -40 Celsius is -40 Fahrenheit. -20 celsius is -4 fahrenheit.

Hey, the beers finally cold, eh! (Canadian)
Damn Canadian cold fronts, huh! (American)


Kurt said...

Go America!

Gary said...

Your reminder regarding the conversion of the two temperature systems brought back some memories.

As a youngster, prior to the conversion from the English to the metric system, I remember days, in the bitterly-cold part of winter, when temperatures hovered between
-15 degrees F and -30 degrees F. Sometimes colder.

We had many outdoor rinks in our small-town New Brunswick neighbourhood that seemed to be operating from about November to around end-March.

Do I miss it? Not really . . .

I prefer heat and golfing.

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Have a healthy and prosperous 2009.


richgold said...

Hey Gary, what part of NB? I grew up in Moncton and Fredsville.