Saturday, 24 January 2009

Day 2 - Blood Pressure, Beach and BBQ

Last evening we ended the day with a shuffle through the neighbourhood. I'm not used to moving that slowly usually, but I didn't want to stand out by walking too fast. We were already an odditiy having left the condo without either a cane or walker.
We got up this morning and all took turns taking out blood pressure. (I kid you not!) Mine was 99/64. If it goes any lower I fear I may slip into a coma. Luckily I was able to raise it slightly with the approach of an extremely rude man in the grocery store who told me to go read in the library when I was browsing through the magazines in the magazine aisle. Apparently I was in his way and that was a more appropriate way to ask me to move than using the word please. I wished him a happy morning because I had a non-fat, no whip, extra hot Starbucks coffee in my hand that I was enjoying more than I had enjoyed a coffee in a very long time. He's lucky! Had I not yet had my coffee the outcome may have been totally different!
We went to the sponge docks and then to Sunset beach. I don't expect there is a theme park out there that can compete with the beach, in my books anyways! We chased hermit crabs, regular crabs, watched minnows of some sort darting along the shore. We picked up small shells and rocks.
The birds tried to steal the kids socks that were tucked in their shoes on the shore. I'm not sure what the draw was, but apparently they were interesting but not worth actually flying away with. I think I read somewhere that birds couldn't smell very well. That's the only way other than the birds being mentally challenged that they would consider stealing someones stinky socks.
The water was warm along the shore. Even the Floridians had left their neck warmers at home. I was suprised by the lack of people that were around everywhere I went. It was such a quiet day.
We were invited to a BBQ for supper at the home of a family friend. It was a lovely day.


Kurt said...

Last time I was at the post office, a woman was chatting with the postal worker while buying stamps, and an old lady in line screeched NO CONVERSATIONS!

You should have told him you're Canadian, and the rules in America don't apply to you.

A German lady once tried to tell me what to do when I was in Bali, and I looked right at her and said "Sorry, I don't speak English."

Perpetual Chocoholic said...

We should have you down here with us as our snappy comeback body guard.

Serena said...

What a rude man! He's very lucky he didn't end up wearing your coffee....I would have been tempted. I always browse magazines as there's no way I'm going to part with my money for one unless it has something in it that might interest me. The front headline pages are all hyped up so you can't go by them.