Monday, 26 January 2009

Day 4 - I've Lost My Passport - AM

It's 71 degrees right now. My skin is starting to change colour matching me to the natives a bit more closely than last week. I can see by the current temperature in the city where I have previously (up until last week) lived that it is -20 celcius. I don't know what that is in fahrenheit and I don't care!

I seem to have lost my passport, too sad. I'm all broken up about it. (snicker) Okay, maybe I haven't actually lost it permanently. I'm sure it will turn up by April when it starts to get uncomforably hot here. Maybe May when the weather gets nice again back home. I sure hope that White Mocha is enjoying Mr. Hunter's company! He may be there for a few more weeks, months or possibly longer.


Kurt said...

FYI: our guest room has no heat.

richgold said...

with -25 degree weather at home, your guest room, Kurt, would probably still be a warmer place to hang out.

Hey PC, I'll send you some neck warmers if Kurt puts you up!