Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Day 6 - Yes, We Are Canadian!

In my defense, it made it up to 81 F today. This evening the kids wanted to swim and although we discouraged them due to the temperature of the pool, they thought it was okay. We had after all been swimming in the ocean just today. We passed by a gentleman on the way to the pool when he shook his head and laughed saying,

"Y'all must be Canadians!"

I have to say that even though it was 81 degrees, the Floridians were still dressed in pants and sweaters. I just would love to see them in the 30 cm of snow we supposedly had gotten in the city I previously lived in, today.


richgold said...

Supposedly? Supposedly? Just for that, I'm ordering a snow storm for you! It should be here, oh about Wednesday.

Supposedly. Harumph.

bella rum said...

I know. My brother-in-law was born and bred in New England. Borne in Vermont and lived in N.H. for years. Now he's a wimpy Floridian. He told me this morning that he went down to the beach yesterday afternoon to listen to some musicians and he almost froze to death. I had to laugh.