Friday, 23 January 2009

Day One - All Sun, No Fun

Thank God! We arrived safely but unfortunately the kids are still suffering from the same disorder here that they do at home. Fighting.

You'd think that the thrill of air travel for first time would over ride their instinctual drive to quarrel, but apparently not. They fought over,seats, glances, food,places in line-ups and everything else they could find. The one exception was 4 of 4. She was easy to get along with. Well, she was until she decided she was ready to dissembark the plane.....a half hour before it landed. I can't blame her though. I was ready to get off before the plane even left the airport.

When we got to the car rental joint I had to laugh. The fellow behind the counter.....the INDOOR counter was wearing a coat and neck warmer over his suit. Apparently 65 degrees is frigid and requires winter attire. You can tell who's a native Floridian and who's a Northerner. We were all in t-shirts complaining of the brightness of the sun and they are tanned and bundled up like mummies.


BONNIE K said...

Ah, the memories of family vacations - and we only had 2, but they also couldn't get along. The only time they were happy was when they were in the hotel pool.

Kurt said...

I suggest a little whiskey in their sippy cups. Works every time.