Thursday, 22 January 2009

One more sleep until we travel. Since we've decided we don't like the mouse, why go to Florida at all! We're going to stay in the Famous American City that I believe is headquarters for OPE. Since Kurt so graciously denied our request to stay at his house invited, we'll just show up. If I'm right about the city, then I'm sure someone there can tell me where he lives. We'll just ask around on the street. If they don't know him then someone will at least know Todd. I'll print their pictures off of the OPE blog. It's all good, good! See you tomorrow Kurt. We'll be there for supper, so plan something elaborate. Your paying.

I had a Great-Aunt and Great-Uncle that were good at "just showing up!" They would sometimes call, or drop by. More often than not their mail would start to arrive before they would. That's how you knew to expect them. They'd stay for a short visit. You know.....3 to 6 months before the relative they were staying with could take no more and would kick them out. They'd have their mail forwarded to the next hosts house and move along. Saves on rent!

I packed up the dog bed and Mr. Hunter's favorite stuffed toy and brought it to White Mocha's house. Mr. Hunter did not look pleased. In fact, he looked down right panicked! He did not quite understand why he had to leave his ducky there. I know he will be excited when she comes to release him from his prison tomorrow. Especially because she plies him with treats! I don't expect he'll miss us much with the exception of at bedtime. She is under the impression that he won't try to sleep in her bed because of it's exaggerated height. LOL! That's funny! Opps! Hope she doesn't read this until after we're gone.

I want to thank White-Mocha for also caring for the rats, fish and mail. Bus driver Dave down the street will care for our snow accumulation (or hopefully lack there of!) It's kind of funny when you think about it. Someone having to come into our house to feed vermin. In some places they trap them but here we pamper them.


Kurt said...

In truth, I am not the master of the house, and I cannot approve any guests.

You can try asking around, but no one knows me here.

Perpetual Chocoholic said...

Doesn't matter, we'll blame you anyways. See you tomorrow.