Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Only two more sleeps until I get to be enveloped in warmth and sunshine! Even if it lands up being cool and rainy their cool is still warmer and their rain is still sunnier than here! I've had enough of -20 to -40!

I have such smart kids. We had a family discussion and decided we collectively hate the famous place that the mouse lives and don't want to go there! Yipppeeeee! Thank God that they aren't falling into that commercial trap!

We went to purchase our American dollars. Ouch! The Canadian one took a dive again this morning. Why couldn't it have stayed at par until after our vacation?!!!!

I hate flying, say a prayer for us! Hopefully we will remain bird free for our flight.


Kurt said...

I have 500 Canadian dollars but they won't take them at the bureau de change - they said they are "too old."

Perpetual Chocoholic said...

I'll take 'em! Only I don't exchange, I just take;-)