Tuesday, 6 January 2009


This is the painting I started before the Christmas break. Back at it. It's actually not too bad here, but if you are up close to the actual drawing you would notice that the dark area is cloudy and waxy looking. Wax bloom has set in after sitting for so long without being worked on. The two colours I have used to make the black are put on quite heavy, which also causes wax bloom. Wax bloom happens when wax based coloured pencils such as Prismacolor are used. The wax works it's way to the top of the painting while the pigment settles underneath. It can be fixed with a workable fixitive or burnished off with a cloth. The hand is better since there are wax, oil and clay based pencils used. No wax to bloom.

Want to learn to do a coloured pencil painting? Starting tomorrow I'll go through the process with you. All you need for the first step is an ordinary pencil, eraser and blank sheet of ordinary paper. Gather up your supplies and join me. Easy-schmeasy!

P.S. My left brain is constantly in a battle with my right. I find it hard to really settle down to work in my studio space. Can you say "cabin fever!" Anyone have a spot for me to draw? Table will do. I'm begging you now! Save me from my house!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Cool- - I'll definitely be back o read more :-)

Kurt said...

I dream of putting a little shed in the back yard with a window and a space heater where I can work on OPE zine.

bella rum said...

Your talent is so amazing. I'll be back, but don't expect too much. I don't have an artistic bone in my body.

Serena said...

Your painting is already looking fantastic...love the realistic skintones you achieve.

Thanks for the info on wax bloom..how interesting. I'm an acrylic artist but I do like to dabble with coloured pencils and am very much a beginner. I would appreciate seeing your process, thanks ~ :)

richgold said...

RE room to grow. Sure. Absolutely! Always. We can set you up in the hot pink room if you need space away from every one else, but want to get out of your house. (Actually, really, if you want it as a studio space, it's an option ... Just the cats are here to annoy you during the day!! ... think about it eh? I can send you the door code.)

There's also the kitchen table, or the front room table.