Monday, 12 January 2009


Oh.....there are some naughty people out there asking me to blog about certain happenings that they think are rant worthy! I've asked these individuals to please start their own blog so that they can be the angry ranting ones!

If you have a beef to pick with your government at any level, gas companies, drivers, manufacturers or other companies of any sort start up your own blog! I'm in my happy place and intend to stay there for the time being.

Only a couple of weeks until I go to soak in the sun! Ahhhhh! Kurt mentioned that Florida was a pit. Having been to Florida before, I have to agree, but with theme parks on the scarce side in Canada and when traveling with 4 children, Florida will do nicely. Especially when going to stay with relatives. On the other hand....were you to offer.... we'd gladly come and inhabit your lovely abode, albeit not as warm as Florida (if my guess as to where you live is correct), a vacation just the same. Are you offering?

Adventurer, I thank you for your offer of studio space. You have excellent lighting and a household and family atmosphere that I am absolutely addicted to! I will take you up on your offer, but only if you will include your photographic talents and you will let me paint one of two photos of CU2 you have shown me in the past. I would love to sit down and work on one while CU2 is there.

If you are waiting for the coloured pencil session to start, I'm getting to it. I have no excuse other than life, kids and the skating season has opened on the canal.


Kurt said...

If only we had room. We can fit maybe one person here.

Hollywood Studios was my favorite part.

Perpetual Chocoholic said...

Trust me, we can all fit. We'll see you this Friday;-)

The ocean was my favourite having never had seen one before. Also, the palm trees. Thought Florida smelled funny though. Medicinal. Probably all the elderly down there!