Friday, 27 February 2009

I'm not going to post the pictures from this weeks art class. I was starting a nasty bug and wasn't in top form to start. Yes, I'm one of those jackass' that goes out sick to spread the love. I wasn't going to be up close to anyone so I thought they'd all be safe. The second reason they didn't turn out I believe was that my brain was terribly confused. We all have bad art days, but with other external influences added on to a bad day things just tend to snowball.

Wednesday was "female shoulder girdle" class. We were to focus on that area of her body the most while creating the drawings. Her poses would accentuate this area of her body.

She walked in the room. Tall, over 6' I'd say. Extremely long and lank. She is a model as well as a nude model. A dancer and I believe possibly a contortionist. She did her stretching exercises prior to the class. For this she undressed the upper half of her body. I've never seen a model stretch before posing and I was impressed. This seemed like a sensible thing to do! She walked around with absolutely no shame whatsoever. Like a naked babe playing in the pool, she would go in front of the door, window without concern.

Her face was beautiful. Flowing burgundy hair, manicured nails, deep voice, small hips, small know where I'm going with this by now don't you. She completed the disrobing process and yes, she still had some male parts.

No matter how hard I tried the images were very masculine. I finally settled in the last drawing to something in between. Her limbs were so long and slim, with large hands and feet that it was hard not to capture her masculine features and accentuate them.

I brought the drawing home and asked each family member whether they thought it was a boy or girl. There were no breasts or genitals showing in the drawing. Two said girl and two said boy. 3 of 4 who is 9 years old said,
"I think that person is both."

There is the next artist in the family!


bella rum said...

Wouldn't it be nice not to feel self conscious about our bodies.

Kurt said...

I may surprise you to learn that I am a frequenter of naked hot springs.

richgold said...

You're drawings are incredible. Really they are.