Sunday, 1 February 2009

Ms. Vicki

Well Hello again Darlings!

We've made it back safely although not quite uneventfully. Here I am at the beach. Were you to see a current photo of me you would note that I adorn not the expected one pin, but two!

We had almost landed on the runway when at the very last minute the pilot pulled up quite sharply and whisked us off to another city. Apparently the runway was not at all safe to land on with an unexpected snow storm that made a slippery mess of the runway. We were halfway to Toronto before we even knew what was going on. Oh well, we managed to catch the next flight home and I am even further decorated than was planned.

Until next time,

Ms. Vicki Stripes
Hugs & Kisses


bella rum said...

You know, that's a little scary. I'm glad you're safe. Safe is good. Very good.

Grandma "C" said...

Welcome back, enjoyed your blog travelog. Looks like Ms Vicki had a really good time

Serena said...

Great that you're home safe and sound despite the detour.

Kurt said...

Go Vicki!

richgold said...

Glad to have you home. When is the next art lesson?!

Anonymous said...

Glad your hubby and Vicki got back safely.