Thursday, 19 February 2009

This Means War

"Does your daughter have a high sugar diet?" he firmly asks.
"No!" I answer in kind
"Does she drink juice?" he queries.
"Yes, but only at breakfast and then she brushes her teeth right after." I say with a sigh.
"Does she eat bread?" He shoots back.
I just stand there with my mouth agape and reply, "uh, YA! She eats sandwiches for lunch at school."
"Well you know, bread is carbohydrate which causes tooth decay!" the dentist reminds me.

"And your eyeglasses are weakening your sight with each passing year so you may eventually be blind, so maybe you should stop looking at things." Okay, I didn't actually say that but.... MORON! Beets, corn, carrots, fruit....what, should we give those up too? How about spinach!!!? Maybe a piece will get stuck in her teeth and sit a little too long and cause some bacteria to built weakening the enamel. Maybe she should stop eating those too! Maybe we should all stop eating everything except cheese and sugarless gum. Then we can all go around with with a beautiful smile and chronic constipation! IDIOT! High fibre bread may be a carb, but it's also a, HELLO, part of a healthy food group.

I can't believe these people. I shouldn't have gone back. I did the responsible thing and went to have a cavity filled. I put up with the morons lecture. I even made up with the insulting hygienist. I bit my tongue and went to take a seat in the waiting room as he filled her tooth. I wasn't prepared for what came next!

"......he was 9 years old. It was unbelievable! If I was her I would be HIGHLY ashamed of the state of his teeth!" said a different hygienist from one of their other offices quite loudly.

What happened next was great. Apparently the wrath they suffered from me after my last visit was still sitting uncomfortably with them. The two receptionists froze and visibly stiffened. Next all I could hear were whispers. Lots and lots of whispering. The visiting hygienist left, but not before sending me a look laden with daggers as she passed by. I gave back what she dished out.

"......well, Mr. Monster tongue needs to come back for another appointment......" the dentist joked with the staff. Unfortunately Mr. Monster tongue had just left and wasn't there to hear his new pet name.

I was cordial with the receptionist. She had been the one to deal with my complaint after the last visit. She had not actually been there the day I had the rant, but called me the next to get my affairs in order. I told her then I would be looking for a new dental office. I made the mistake of going back because the work needed to be done before the end of the month. I think now I'll need to fire off a letter to the owner of the office. He doesn't actually work there and probably doesn't care, but just in case he does.

I understand that workplace conversations happen, but one should always be aware of how you act in front of customers. You are representing the business and breaching confidentiality isn't a good way to keep customers.

I'm sure they had a fine laugh after my rant the other day.


VE said...

Did you tell him bread is also a term for money and he'll be making less of it once you leave and then spread the word...

Kurt said...

I recommend not using your teeth to assist you with repairs, especially repairs of items with small metal parts. Teeth and metal parts do not mix well.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

I agree - they are MORONS! Holy cow, what jerks - seriously. I wish you luck in your search for a decent dentist.

richgold said...

I was supposed to be in the hair at my dentist the day Obahama came to visit. 40 minutes later, I told the hygienist I had to get in an go. Boy was that a bad move. *I* got nagged and lectured, and while I was there, of course I have to have the once over by the dentist. Well, my dentist was in warm, sunny US of A visiting his in-laws and was it ok if the new guy on the block looked at me. Um, not that I have much of a choice is it?

As soon as Dr. C cuts loose, The Huz and I are moving too.

Got any other suggestions?