Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Lesson in Safe Scootering

1 of 4 wanted to go scootering without a helmet.

1 of 4 had a serious skiing accident a couple of years ago that required surgery, a cast and weeks of physio to recuperate. I thought reminding her of that incident would assist her in seeing the necessity of proper safety equipment when performing sports. She didn't buy it.

I, being the fabulous mother that I am, decided to show her what would happen when you used a scooter without a helmet. It wasn't pretty. I had to hit the mud filled crack dead on at racing speed on a downhill pitch, which I did. I then had to make the scooter come to a dead stop so that I could fly over the handle bars, which I did. I then needed to take a couple of running steps to show that one could not indeed catch their balance when going at that speed, which I did. I then had to show her that you will fall on first your left knee, ripping it to shreds, on your right palm, and left side of your face, which I did. I then had to describe the intense immediate headache, pain from the scrapes while lying on the ground moaning wondering if your ipod has broken or has just shut down due to the shock of the hit, which I did. Don't worry, it wasn't broken. I was.

On the way past that spot again later she looks up at me with her mocking 13 year old voice and says,
"Does this place bring back fond memories?"

What did I learn?:
*40 year olds shouldn't ride a scooter without a helmet
*40 year olds shouldn't ride a scooter at all

What did she learn?
*Not a damn thing!


Kurt said...

Where the Hell is Elmhurst, New York?

Serena said...

The perils of hurts all the more when our kids rub it in. LOL

Patti said...

Ouch! Apply liberal amounts of chocolate, immediately!

(hope you feel better soon!)