Tuesday, 24 March 2009

She's Ripped:-0

I got farther on one of my previous paintings. Unfortunately I was using a kneaded eraser on it and lifted the paper with the pencil. C'est la vie. There goes 10 hours of work. Happens.

I asked Mr. P. if he could tell where the "accident" was. He couldn't, but to me it looks like a scab and it will always bug me. I'm starting over. I won't destroy this copy just in case. You never know what it will turn in to.

I've got 4 paintings on the go right now. I want to always have a few and work them simultaneously. Sometimes if you get hung up on one for a bit, working on another helps you to mentally work out the problem on the first. If you stop working on anything all together you stay hung up. At least in my experience.


Grandma"C" said...

Gee that's the way I work on my sewing, knitting, and crochet project. Keeps one sharp, by the way I love your paintings.

Kurt said...

As a lover of fine drawing, how can you stand not being an OPE subscriber?

bella rum said...

"Sometimes if you get hung up on one for a bit, working on another helps..."

I totally get that. Keeps the juices flowing but gives them a break at the same time.